Fences and Neighbors


"Good fences don't always make good neighbors." What happens if your neighbor tears down your fence? Attorney Scott D. Fisher was interviewed on the nationally-syndicated news show America Now regarding this subject.

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The following tips from Scott D. Fisher may be helpful during a property dispute:

  1. Remain civil;
  2. Try to work things out peacefully;
  3. Have an element of compromise in mind; and
  4. Be proactive – get to know your neighbors before disputes arise!

What if my neighbor's fence is actually on my property?

Scott D. Fisher answers this question as follows:

"It depends on the jurisdiction; it depends from state to state what your rights are; but in some states, if the encroachment has existed for a number of years and nobody has made any objection to it, it may be that encroachment may result in a transfer of some property rights to the offending neighbor."

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