Trust Administration in Southern California

Helping Residents Fulfill Their Trustee Duties

Scott D. Fisher provides guidance and legal counsel to individuals designated as trustees of another person's assets and estate. While the living trust you manage does include the specific directions for each element and beneficiary, the task of administering the trust upon the owner's passing can prove to be a stressful job—especially when you lack full knowledge of legal and administrative requirements for carrying out one's responsibilities as a trustee. If you are the trustee of an estate that was left in your charge by a loved one, our firm is here to offer you the information, counsel and guidance you need during this time.

While trusts eliminate the workload associated with probate, trustees are held under certain guidelines and deadlines to carry out their responsibilities. Upon the passing of the estate owner, a trustee will be expected to prepare various legal documents, file proper tax returns and arrange for the official transfer of assets for the beneficiaries. Furthermore, this must all be completed within a certain amount of time. While you may have official responsibility to carry these tasks out, it is recommended that trustees needing guidance to properly carry out their tasks seek legal counsel to supplement their efforts.

Immediately following the death of the estate owner, the responsibilities of a trustee will come into effect. These responsibilities may include:

  • Sending notice to each beneficiary / heir within 60 days
  • Collecting, managing, investing, and distributing assets appropriately
  • Paying routine administration expenses out of the trust estate (ex: taxes and accountant fees)
  • Keeping any beneficiaries or heirs informed of the administration process

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Scott D. Fisher has been helping clients successfully handle their trust responsibilities for more than 25 years. We understand how stressful and challenging it can be to maintain your duties as a trustee, which is why we are here to help. To schedule your free initial consultation, be sure to contact our firm today. You can also contact us via our 24-hour voicemail service at 323-989-4860.