What is a Living Will?


A Living Will is a legal document that specifies your wishes regarding life prolonging medical treatment, and that makes these wishes known to others.

You may believe that you will communicate such wishes to your family members and doctors if you become seriously ill or if you are involved in an accident. More commonly, however, when such unfortunate events arise, you may not be able to communicate your health care wishes to others. A Living Will only becomes effective when you are incapacitated, and unable to communicate what treatments that you do or do not want. A Living Will typically requires certification from two doctors that you are suffering from a terminal illness or that you are permanently unconscious before taking effect.

The Living Will document addresses several important questions that arise:

· Should your treating physician use a mechanical ventilator if you are unable to breath on your own. If so, for how long?

· How should your physician best manage your pain?

· What treatments do you want in the event that you suffer from a terminal illness or if you are in a permanent vegetative state?

These are just a few of the crucial medical decisions that will arise in the event of a serious illness or accident. By planning ahead, your physicians and caregivers will avoid any unnecessary confusion, uncertainty, delay or disagreement regarding your wishes at this critical time.

Scott D. Fisher, Esq. has assisted clients with their estate planning wishes for over twenty-five years, and he fully appreciates and understands the peace of mind that preparation of a Living Will can provide for his clients, and their family members, friends and health care professionals during end-of-life circumstances.

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