Is your neighbor's dog a nuisance?


Many people have had experiences with noisy dogs in the neighborhood who bark at all hours of the day and night. Perhaps your neighbor has just such a dog, or even worse, a vicious dog.

Attorney Scott D. Fisher was featured on the nationally-syndicated news show America Now, where he discussed this very subject. He provided the following suggestions:

  1. Talk to your neighbor to see if he/she is aware of the problem; and
  2. Report any dog with a pattern of aggressive behavior to Animal Control, even if contained on its owner's property.

In cases of noisy dogs, sometimes the owner may be able to take measures such as placing their pet in "doggy daycare" or train them not to bark.

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Are you having issues with a noisy or vicious dog in your area? Keep a log of the dog's pattern of behavior by writing down the times when they bark or display aggression, and by taking pictures or video when it does not infringe on their owner's privacy. This documentation is very helpful when you file a complaint or call Animal Control.

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