Neighborhood Disputes


America Now interviewed Attorney Scott D. Fisher about neighborhood disputes. Mr. Fisher explained that the number one cause of arguments – as well as violence – between neighbors is noise.

Attorney Fisher explained that he has worked on cases ranging from someone playing a stereo loudly in an apartment to construction projects that are seemingly endless.

Over the years, news has shown that neighborhood disputes can escalate to violence, including murder, over issues such as late-night parties, construction, and musical instruments being played. Do you have a noisy neighbor, but are uncertain of how to handle the problem? Attorney Fisher provides the following tips:

  1. Document the dates, times and duration of noise incidents for a week or two; and
  2. Next, contact an attorney to help you come up with a legal plan.

Scott D. Fisher & Associates handles neighbor disputes such as this, helping clients avoid conflicts whenever possible. Contact our firm today at 323-989-4860 to learn about our practice areas.

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